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Bureau Veritas’ Yesid Antonio Gómez Estrada and Ignacio Bayon to present at Lubmat 2018 in San Sebastian, Spain

Jul. 19 2018

SAN SEBASTIAN SPAIN (JUNE 4, 2018) -  Bureau Veritas’  Yesid Antonio Gómez Estrada - Oil Condition Monitoring Diagnostician and Ignacio Bayon - Commercial Director, will present at Lubmat 2018, held on June 5-6, 2018 at Miramar Palace in San Sebastian, Spain.

To demonstrate our technical expertise and the company’s emphasis on digital innovation, Yesid, and Ignacio will both deliver informative speeches. Yesid’s speech is titled ‘A Review on Condition Monitoring and Diagnostic of Natural Gas Engine Oil’. The talk will demonstrate how the understanding of the behavior of natural gas engines and the methodologies used to quantify the lubricant's degradation levels are essential to making the correct diagnosis of condition monitoring. This speech will be delivered on June 6 at 15:05 in Room 3.

Yesid holds a PhD in Propulsive Systems in Transportation and has twenty years of experience as an analytical chemist. As well as a strong background in FTIR spectroscopy of lubricants, he also has a thorough understanding of the degradation process to achieve maximum engine efficiency and engine longevity.

To parallel, Ignacio’s speech focuses on ‘Dieltek, A Diagnostic Tool for Transformers Predictive Maintenance’. This presentation will ascertain the benefits of using the diagnostic tool Dieltek to improve diagnostic reliability and mitigate the risk of failure and maintenance cost of a transformer. This speech will be delivered on June 6 at 15:25 in Room 3.

Ignacio Bayón earned his Bachelor of Industrial Engineering from ETSII of Valladolid Spain, and has a Masters in Business from the EOI of Madrid. Ignacio has over 15 years of commercial laboratory management experience and during that time has consistently focused on condition based maintenance of transformers.


Bureau Veritas – Oil Analysis is a gold sponsor at the Lubricants, Tribology and Condition Monitoring Conference and Exhibition. Our senior managers from our global Oil Condition Monitoring (OCM) network will be at the event to discuss our latest innovations and testing capabilities designed to help improve equipment reliability.

Bureau Veritas has a global network of 17 Oil Condition Monitoring laboratories, supporting client by identifying trends in wear and contamination and pinpoint changes in the physical properties of lubricants, fuels and coolants to improve equipment reliability.