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Free Webinar "Behavioral Auditing as Part of Safety Culture"

Nov. 27 2020

Bureau Veritas invites you to attend a free webinar "Behavioral Auditing as Part of Safety Culture"

The webinar program "Behavioral audit as part of the Occupational Safety Culture" is based on practical tools tested in various spheres of economic activity, which, first of all, are such tools as:

  • Scheduled supervision of work performance (PNVR);
  • Occupational Safety Conversation, or Safety Liaison (LB)
Behavioral auditing cannot be viewed outside the context of a general safety culture. Therefore, during the discussion, you will be able to understand the role and place of such an audit in developing a safety culture and achieving zero injuries, which is possible due to:
  • consistently demonstrating senior management that they are involved, demonstrating their commitment to safety aspects and their role as a leader;
  • consideration of the basic rules of safe behavior of employees and highlighting the main categories of hazard in the workplace;
  • checking and improving existing standards and procedures;
  • improving feedback and mutual understanding in the field of occupational safety;
  • periodically assessing and measuring the level of development of safety culture using its key elements.

Bureau Veritas proposes to solve the following tasks:

  • train internal auditors to conduct internal behavioral audits on occupational safety to reinforce the safe behavior of workers using the company's resources;
  • identify hazardous activities and hazardous conditions in the workplace;
  • effectively eliminate dangerous actions with the subsequent motivation of safe behavior;
  • training and consulting senior management on the motivation and implementation of safe actions and safe behavior of company employees based on leadership;
  • conducting periodic, scheduled and unscheduled audits to assess the effectiveness of the measures being implemented and to understand how the employees' own attitude and behavior affects the attitude and behavior of the team as a whole.
Date 04.12
Time 11:00
Speaker Volodymyr Grom