WAREHOUSE & EQUIPMENT                   

To operate efficiently the enterprise should organize the storage premises with well-managed space equipped with all necessary technical devices and structures in compliance with the production requirements.

The storage equipment is intended for maximum time saving during cargo transportation to the storage and backward from the storage to cargo vehicles, it allows reducing considerably the labor costs during performance of handling and transport operations.

A timely storage equipment audit will help to minimize the accident hazards during the shutdown period of the company.

To solve the issues related to organization and maintenance of the storage equipment BUREAU VERITAS UKRAINE proposes:
  • Requirements analysis
  • Monitoring of operating environment parameters
  • Warehouse Infrastructure Monitoring and Management Program
  • Technical audit of storage facilities and shelving systems (SEMA)
  • The work plan and the certification program for racking systems
  • Certification of racking systems
  • Surveillance audits
  • Technical inspection and testing of shelving systems
  • Non-Destructive Testing (VT/UT/MP/PT/RT)

  • Reporting

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