Разведка и добыча нефти

Exploration & production

Oil & Gas operators face numerous operational risks, ranging from employee and contractor safety to asset damage and interruptions to production. Production managers need help in managing those risks. A focus on safety, compliance and integrity is of utmost importance, as businesses aim to avoid accidents, non-conformities, and unplanned shutdowns that lead to a loss of production. Furthermore, operators seek maintenance and engineering services that will help them optimize maintenance, in turn supporting continuous production.

  • field valuation
  • valuation of company assets
  • supplier audit
  • audit for investors
  • inspection of equipment and components
  • technical support during procurement
  • non-destructive testing (NDT) and hydro testing
  • certification of welders/operators (ISO960 / EN14732) and welding processes (EN15614)
  • labor protection, industrial safety and environmental protection (HSE)

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