Очистка и переработка

Refining & processing

Within refining facilities, a vast diversity of techniques is needed to properly refine petroleum crude oil, and to process and purify raw natural gas. Refiners need a complete suite of inspection and measurement services to carry assets throughout their lifecycles, while minimizing overall maintenance costs and improving performance. Additionally, personnel and subcontractor safety is always a top priority in refineries, where the risk of explosion remains a major concern.

  • evaluation of design decisions
  • valuation of company assets and production capacities
  • supplier audit
  • audit for investors
  • technical support during the reconstruction and modernization of production
  • production inspection
  • audit and analysis of the causes of emergency stop and equipment breakdown
  • technical due diligence
  • product certification (conformity assessment)
  • labor protection, industrial safety and environmental protection (HSE)

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