Транспортування та зберігання

Transportation & storage

Pipeline owners face myriad challenges along the thousands of kilometers of new pipelines, as well as in their storage plants. They must manage health and safety, comply with statutory requirements, and ensure new constructions are built to specifications.

Once a new build is up and running, owners must devise a cost-efficient plan to manage maintenance and asset integrity. And they need to identify the best approach to conducting regular inspections to achieve compliance and avoid potential hazards along the pipeline.

  • valuation of company assets (including warehouse capacity)
  • audit of suppliers
  • audit for investors
  • technical support during the reconstruction and modernization of the enterprise
  • inspection of pipeline systems and reservoir parks
  • audit and analysis of the causes of the emergency stop and equipment breakdown
  • technical due diligence
  • non-destructive testing (NDT) and hydraulic testing
  • occupational safety, industrial and environmental protection (HSE)

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