Core business

Each of the areas - Maritime transport and facilities, Industry, Inspections in progress
Operations, Construction, Certification, Cargo, Consumer Goods, Government
contracts and international trade
- aimed at meeting the needs of a particular industry.
Each area offers specialized services in the field of construction management
projects, certification, classification, inspections and audits, tests and training designed for
meeting your needs.

A day with Bureau Veritas



As a classification society, Bureau Veritas Ukraine assesses the court's compliance with certain rulebooks, mainly by measuring the structural strength and reliability of the ship's equipment. In addition, we carry out certification of ships and ship
equipment on behalf of the flag State authorities. Additional services based on our experience include technical support and training. In doing so, we contribute to the safety of the sea and help protect the marine environment.


Bureau Veritas Ukraine assists companies in various industries in evaluating production equipment and processes - from the design stage to installation, commissioning and operation.
Issues of reliability and safety of operations and compliance with standards are considered. Our services include conformity assessment, production monitoring, facility safety management, and certification. With a network of laboratories, we also test the reliability of production equipment and products through non-destructive testing and testing of materials.



Bureau Veritas Ukraine conducts regular audits to assess the compliance of equipment during operation with health and safety requirements or customer-specific requirements. Such inspections are conducted to guarantee the safety of a wide range of equipment, from electrical installations, fire safety systems, elevators and machinery to hoisting machines and mechanisms. Our services include inspection during the installation of the equipment, regular inspections during the operation and after maintenance or repair.


By providing services at any stage of the construction project, Bureau Veritas Ukraine helps construction companies and real estate companies achieve their quality and safety goals.


As an independent certification body, Bureau Veritas Certification offers a full range of certification and audit services. We carry out audits for compliance with the requirements of international standards, as well as the specific requirements of customers in the fields of quality, occupational safety and health at work, ecology and social responsibility. The following audits stimulate the process of continuous improvement.

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Bureau Veritas Ukraine provides a wide range of inspection services and conducts laboratory testing for all types of cargo: petroleum and petroleum products, metals, mineral raw materials, and agricultural products.


Bureau Veritas Ukraine cooperates with retailers and manufacturers of consumer goods worldwide, evaluating products and production processes for compliance with quality, performance and standards requirements. We carry out product testing, product inspection, production evaluation, independent audits, and staff training. Our proactive supply chain solutions help our customers better manage risks, protect their brand, reduce costs and reduce time to market.


Bureau Veritas Ukraine contracts with the governments of the countries to carry out quantitative and qualitative inspections of imported cargo and to verify compliance of the manufacturer with the standards of the country of destination. We ensure the practical implementation of international standards for the prevention and reduction of risks in foreign trade contracts, acting as an independent expert.