CEO of Bureau Veritas in Ukraine

For me, Bureau Veritas is the whole world. Working at Bureau Veritas, you must constantly improve yourself, acquire new knowledge and skills. From the very beginning, I was impressed by the company's philosophy. And to this day, I still fully share the basic principles of Bureau Veritas, which are surprisingly accurately reflected in the company's logo. It is worth noting a wonderful team that is always ready to solve problems of any complexity! I agree that this means a lot to everyone. The feeling of pride for the company's contribution to the development of society and the economy did not come immediately. But over time, looking at the success of our clients, I clearly realized that their achievements have a bit of effort from our team. So, due to the success of each of the many clients of Bureau Veritas, like a brick to a brick, the general well-being of our Ukraine is built!

Chief Financial Officer

Bureau Veritas Ukraine

Bureau Veritas is like the Academy of Business and Life, and after studying for 18 years, I understand that it is not even the "equator". I am proud to be part of a team that demonstrates by its example that honest business not only exists but can be successful!

Head of the Dnipro department

Bureau Veritas Ukraine

Bureau Veritas is an opportunity to improve yourself and the world around you. Bureau Veritas is one of the most professional companies in its field - both in Ukraine and abroad. In my opinion, our most significant contribution to society is the change of quality approaches to many daily processes. We make the world more manageable and predictable, we help reduce significant risks and achieve optimal results in all conditions.

HR Business Partner

Bureau Veritas Ukraine

Every day I have the opportunity to develop. As a person. As HR. As a psychologist. It's just a source of knowledge/terms/processes. This is a vast field of activity in all areas. Starting from the elementary - ending, in my opinion, magic. The magic created by ordinary people. The people I work with every day are nice to listen to and helpful to hear. And their productive interaction is my job. Every day I take part in the construction. Yes, it's time to build a world of trust that builds companies and their employees for society. Proud, grateful, and happy to be part of a team!

Director of Sales Department

Bureau Veritas Certification Ukraine

Bureau Veritas for me is the main reference point in life.
15 years of work in the company say that creating a world of trust is my vocation. Our activity helps domestic companies to enter world markets. I am proud that Ukrainian companies are striving for development and BV is helping to make quality more affordable.
Карасьов Олександр Володимирович

Lead auditor, teacher

Bureau Veritas Ukraine

Work at Bureau Veritas has opened up a number of opportunities for self-realization and satisfaction from overcoming difficulties at the training stage and further applying the acquired knowledge to provide training services and improving certified organizations' quality management systems.
The head of one of the modern companies once said that Bureau Veritas offers an elite product - world-class knowledge that helps to achieve success. Practical work with our customers shows that there are grounds for such a statement. Bureau Veritas team is constantly studying in Ukraine and abroad in leading training centers certified by leaders in their industries. For example, in the aerospace industry, this is the IAQG, the International Quality Group in the Aerospace industry.
Participation in the activities of Bureau Veritas opens up opportunities for interesting communication with colleagues in Ukraine and other countries of the world, contribute to improving the activities of different spheres of life.

Director of the Audit Certification and Training Department

Bureau Veritas Ukraine

When I came to Bureau Veritas with a Ph.D., I realized that I needed to learn something new to accomplish my goals. How wrong I was! It's been 20 years since I've worked at BV, and I still haven't learned! The need to master new directions, new standards, changes in existing ones - requires to be in good shape all the time, and to meet the increasingly complex requirements. This is the stimulus for me that makes me work in this company. Plus working in a team of like-minded people, supporting colleagues, and communicating with customers, which adds new impetus. And the BV brand, which is unsurpassed, and the pride that I work right here.